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"Fans of Muna, Haim and Japanese Breakfast should adore talker’s new track “Don’t Want You To Love Me,” though L.A.-based singer-songwriter Celeste Tauchar’s brand of witty, confessional indie-pop is singular enough to defy A-to-B comparisons."

- Billboard

"With her latest EP, In Awe Of Insignificance, the artist has created a sort of sampler platter of her greatest strengths, from cynically playful upbeat numbers to stomping midtempo rockers to thrumming, heartrending electro-pop. It’s an ideal introduction to the exciting musician for anyone who has yet to discover what a compelling songwriter she is."

- The A.V. Club

"talker’s 'In Awe Of Insignificance' gets my vote for Best Indie Pop EP of the year – and she has five videos from that release that could lay claim to Video of the Year."


"Maybe some of the sadness in talker’s songs comes from being a genius. How else could you describe someone who started playing piano at four, writes Emily Dickinson-caliber poems/lyrics and has the vocal dynamic range to emote yet belt and scream with the best of them (like Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair and Brandi Carlile)?"

- Two Story Melody


  • TWENTYSOMETHING Single Release October 18th 2023

  • Release Show November 13th 2023

  • TWENTYSOMETHING (Gordi Remix) November 15th 2023

  • Debut Album Rollout late 2023/early 2024




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'Sad Chick' featured on
Spotify Fresh Finds Rock

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'Sad Chick (Overcoats Remix)' featured on Spotify All New Indie

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'Sad Chick (Overcoats Remix)' featured on Apple Music New
in Alternative

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Apple Music Alternative New Releases home page feature

'Sad Chick (Overcoats Remix)' featured on Spotify undercurrents


'Horror Films' featured in credits
of One of Us is Lying S2E1


'For the Sake of It' #2 Song of
2022 on KROQ Locals Only


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Management: Brittany Hughes

Press: Jamie Coletta

Publishing: Modern Works Music Publishing

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Telling the truth is hard. It’s also liberating. On her debut album, talker (the alias of indie rocker Celeste Tauchar) isn’t keeping any secrets.


Over the past five years, talker has released 3 EPs to critical acclaim, receiving nods from NPR Music, The A.V. Club, Billboard, and more. She’s toured throughout the U.S. supporting Future Teens, Smidley (Conor from Foxing), and Party Nails, and has done co-headlining tours with Lady Pills, Maddie Ross, and Lou Roy. In July 2023, she hosted a weekly residency at the Love Song in Los Angeles, performing a different body of work at every show. When it comes to creating a community around her work and a platform to be heard, talker hasn’t left any stone unturned.


But when it came to uncovering every side of herself, talker felt she was still holding back. During a particularly tumultuous year that included ending a 5-year relationship, discovering her own bisexuality that she had pushed down due to her Mormon upbringing, and coming face to face with unprocessed childhood trauma, she took, as usual, to writing. But this time was different. There were no topics left unexplored, nothing left unsaid for fear of hurting someone’s feelings, and no words left unwritten for the sake of avoiding an uncomfortable emotion. There was only one thing that mattered: the truth.


The eleven songs that make up talker’s debut album are some of her most honest songs - from the raging angst-filled “TWENTYSOMETHING” (a fitting accompaniment to today’s female-driven punk songwriters like illuminati hotties, Speedy Ortiz, and Wet Leg) where the listener gets to be pissed off without justification, to more confessional, self-examining ballad “Easygoing”, which will leave listeners realizing that their parents’ relationship made them unable to accept intimacy or date in a healthy way (spoken from personal experience).


Other standout tracks from the album include the Talking Heads-inspired “Everything is Something (I Never Saw Coming)”, full of zany production elements including singing inside of a tom drum and surreal lyrics alluding to how bizarre everyday life can feel; the hook-heavy “Drag Your Feet” (co-written with Reade Wolcott of We Are the Union, award-winning producer/engineer Jon Graber, and Toro y Moi touring guitarist Jordan Blackmon); and “Wet”, a touching tribute to a friend going through severe medical problems that led to subsequent mental health struggles. And on the quirky interlude track “When It Starts”, talker played drums on the recording herself.


The album closer, “knowitall”, is reminiscent of some of talker’s long-standing influences including Wolf Alice and Japanese Breakfast, and is one of her most raw, emotive performances to date - the vocal was recorded one day after the end of a five year relationship.


Overall, the music feels like sharing secrets with a friend. You’ll be angry together, you’ll get your hearts broken together, and you’ll set some boundaries with your friends together, even when it’s hard.


Created while touring and between LA and Nashville, the album features new collaborations, including songs produced with Collin Pastore & Jake Finch (Lucy Dacus, boygenius, illuminati hotties), Daniel Loumpouridis (Louis the Child, KING MALA, Ryan Woods), Jon Graber (We Are The Union, Goldfinger, The All-American Rejects), and Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Hatchie).


TWENTYSOMETHING, the first single, arrives October 18th, and is the energetic kick-off to this journey of self-exploration and baring it all. After that, talker will have a new release every month leading up to the album in June, paired with local LA shows in the fall and touring throughout the spring and summer. All you have to do to connect to the music is to accept your truth and share it with the world.



7/27/23 - Headlining Residency @ The Love Song, Los Angeles

7/20/23 - Headlining Residency @ The Love Song, Los Angeles

7/13/23 - Headlining Residency @ The Love Song, Los Angeles

7/6/23 - Headlining Residency @ The Love Song, Los Angeles

5/14/23 - Co-headlining @ The Great Room, Fresno

5/11/23 - Headlining @ Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles

4/10/23 - Support for Hotel Mira @ Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz

3/29/23 - Co-headlining with Lou Roy @ Old Ironsides, Sacramento

3/28/23 - Co-headlining with Lou Roy @ Neck of the Woods, San Francisco

3/26/23 - Co-headlining with Lou Roy @ Kelly's Olympian, Portland

3/25/23 - Sofar Sounds, seattle

03/24/23 - Co-headlining with Lou Roy @ Conor Byrne Pub, Seattle

03/18/23 - SXSW Smartpunk Records Showcase @ Spiderhouse/The Ballroom, Austin

03/17/23 - SXSW Gillian Jean Showcase @ Icenhauer's, Austin

03/05/23 - Support for Future Teens @ The Roxy, Los Angeles

03/04/23 - Support for Future Teens @ Chain Reaction, Anaheim

03/03/23 - Support for Future Teens @ Valley Bar, Phoenix

02/22/23 - Direct Support for ZOLA @ Ché Cafe, San Diego

12/3/22 - Common Ground Collective Holifade Showcase @ The Shed, Los Angeles

11/16/22 - Support for Arrows in Action @ Chain Reaction, Anaheim

11/07/22 - Support for Night Talks Residency @ Echoplex, Los Angeles

09/29/22 - Co-headlining with Cuffed Up & Annabel Lee @ Gold Diggers, Los Angeles

07/14/22 - Co-headlining with Mel Bryant & The Mercy Makers @ The Basement, Nashville

07/09/22 - Direct Support for DD Walker @ The Sultan Room, New York City

06/29/22 - Co-headlining with Lady Pills @ Dusk, Providence

06/28/22 - Left of the Dial, Philadelphia

06/27/22 - Co-headlining with Lady Pills @ Quarry House Tavern, Washington D.C.

06/26/22 - Co-headlining with Lady Pills @ The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, Pittsburgh

06/25/22 - Co-headlining with Lady Pills @ Little Rose Tavern, Cleveland

06/24/22 - Sofar Sounds Chicago

06/23/22 - Co-headlining with Lady Pills @ Burlington Bar, Chicago

06/19/22 - Direct Support for Tolliver @ Soda Bar, San Diego

06/18/22 - Headlining @ Junior High, Los Angeles

06/11/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ Neck of the Woods, San Francisco

06/10/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ The Starlet Room, Sacramento

06/08/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ The Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz

06/06/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ The Sunset Tavern, Seattle

06/05/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ McMenamin's White Eagle Saloon, Portland

06/03/22 - Co-headlining with Maddie Ross @ Gratitude Brewing, Eugene

03/28/22 - It's a School Night Showcase @ Bardot, Hollywood

11/20/21 - Support for Party Nails @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

11/18/21 - Direct Support for Party Nails @ McMenamin's White Eagle, Portland

11/16/21 - Sofar Sounds, Seattle

11/14/21 - Direct Support for Party Nails @ Holy Diver, Sacramento

11/11/21 - Headlining We Found New Music's Bar Lubitsch Showcase, Los Angeles

10/5/21 - Writer's Block @ Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

8/14/21 - Street Food Cinema, Los Angeles

7/1/21 - Co-headlining Show with The Dumes & Liv Slingerland @ Eagles Hall, Los Angeles

3/8/20 - Wax EP Release Show @ the Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles

3/6/20 - Emo Nite @ The Echo, Los Angeles

2/20/20 - Direct Support for Wildermiss @ Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

2/5/20 - Support for Luna Aura & Fever Joy @ The Echo, Los Angeles,

2/2/20 - Sofar Sounds, Vancouver

1/30/20 - Co-headlining with Dan Sadin and Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue @ The Crocodile, Seattle

1/28/20 - Co-headlining with Dan Sadin and Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue @ The Liquor Store, Portland

1/26/20 - Co-headlining with Dan Sadin and Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue @ The Starlet Room, Sacramento

1/25/20 - Co-headlining with Dan Sadin and Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue @ Neck of the Woods, San Francisco

12/5/19 - Opening for The Score @ The Roxy, Los Angeles

11/19/19 - Writer's Block @ Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

11/13/19 - Headlining We Found New Music's Showcase @ the Hi Hat, Los Angeles

9/9/19 - Support for Talk Time Residency @ The Satellite, Los Angeles

8/17/19 - Buzzbands LA Echo Park Rising Showcase @ TAIX, Los Angeles

8/9/19 - Support for Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin' Stones @ Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

7/14/19 - Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles

5/2/19 - Support for Madilyn Bailey @ The Roxy, Los Angeles

4/17/19 - Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

3/28/19 - Girls Are Loud Showcase @ the Women's Club of Hollywood, Los Angeles

2/27/19 - Horror Films EP Release Show @ the Hi Hat, Los Angeles

12/11/18 - We Found New Music Holiday Party @ Madame Siam, Los Angeles

12/8/18 - Support for Yoke Lore @ The Dacres in Walla Walla, Washington

11/6/18 - Support for Colyer @ Lodge Room, Los Angeles

10/19/18 - Support for Future Feats @ Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

8/19/18 - Rove LA's Echo Park Rising Showcase @ Trencher, Los Angeles

7/24/18 - Collateral Damage Single Release Show with We Found New Music @ Madame Siam, Los Angeles

 6/28/18 - Support for Dan Sadin @ Lodge Room, Los Angeles

Touring Highlights With FRENSHIP

3/10/2020 - The Warfield, San Francisco

7/31/19 - Grammy Museum, Los Angeles

7/2/19 - Summerfest, Milwaukee

5/18/19-6/15/19 - U.S. Headlining Tour

10/27/18 - Voodoo Fest, New Orleans

8/5/18 - Lollapalooza, Chicaco

6/7/18 - Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN

4/2/18-5/24/18 - U.S. Headlining Tour

11/19/17 - Schubas, Chicago

9/24/17 - Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas

8/13/17 - Outside Lands, San Francisco

3/12/17-3/18/17 - SXSW, Austin

1/31/17-2/12/17 - Support for Bastille, Europe

10/29/16 - Red Rocks, Colorado

9/6/16-11/20/16 - Support for Cherub, U.S.

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